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Heartwise Magazine Articles

The Irish Heart Foundation's magazine, Heartwise, has been in circulation since 1998. Below are a selection of articles from back issues.

Volume 10
Issue 2, Summer 2007

  Evaluating Chest Pain in Children Dr Terence Prendiville & Dr Colin J McMahon
  Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Women Dr Darren Mylotte & Dr Kieran Daly  Recent trends in the management of peripheral vascular disease in high risk patients
Mr Sherif Sultan and Dr Niamh Hynes,

Volume 10
Issue 1, Spring 2007

  Medication review of elderly patients presenting with orthostatic hypertension. Dr Roisin Purcell, Dr Diarmuid O'Shea 
  Cardiac CT comes of age. Dr Ross Murphy
Prevention of Stroke. Dr Joe Harbison

Volume 9
Issue 4, Winter 2006
Special Edition: Celebrating 40 Years of the Irish Heart Foundation

  The Origins of the Irish Heart Foundation Prof Risteard Mulcahy
  The Irish Heart Foundation 1972 -1979 Prof O Conor Ward
  The changing pattern of cardiovascular disease in Ireland: achievements and challenges Dr Emer Shelley
  History of the Blood Pressure Unit at the Charitable Infirmary and Beaumont Hospital 1978-2006 Prof Eoin O'Brien
  Cardiac Rehabilitation Prof John Horgan
  Perspectives on cardiology in Northern Ireland Dr Mahen Varma
  Cardiovascular services development in the south of Ireland Dr William H Fennell
  Cardiac Surgery in the Republic of Ireland Mr David Luke
  The future of cardiovascular research in Ireland Prof Timothy O'Brien

Volume 9
Issue 3, Autumn 2006
  Kawaski Disease in Childhood 
Dr Emily Kiernan, Dr Colin McMahon
  Do-it-yourself weight loss Sarah Browne, Sharon Kennelly
  Statin Therapy in the management of Dyslipidaemia Dr Carl Vaughan, Dr John O'Sullivan

Volume 9
Issue 2, Summer 2006
  Hypertension - a physician's perspective in 2006 Dr Elsadig Saeed
  Heartsafe Community Programme Lucy Ryan, Sarah Cain
  Heartwatch - the National Programme in General Practice for the Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular  Disease in Ireland Dr John Leahy
 Meeting Report - European survey highlights need for targeted increase of HDL-C in patients with dyslipidaemia
 Sinead Jeffrey

Volume 9
Issue 1,Spring 2006
  Secondary Prevention in general practice - the Heartwatch Programme Dr John Cox
  Cardiomyopathy in Children Dr Heike Bruehl, Dr Colin J McMahon
  Arrythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy Dr Tara Bourke, Dr Jim O O'Neill
  Endothelial progenitor cells in 2006 - where are we now? 
Dr Tom Kiernan

Volume 8
Issue 4,Winter 2005
  Drug-eluting stents - today and the future 
Dr Rory O'Hanlon, Professor David Foley
  Cardiac protection and the metabolic syndrome Dr Pat O'Callaghan
  Healthy Lifestyle, healthy arteries Dr Azra Mahmud, Professor John Feely

Volume 8
Issue 3,Autumn 2005
  Practical Management of Obesity 
Dr Tomas Ahern, Dr Donal O'Shea
  Sudden Cardiac Death in Children Dr Joanne Beamish, Dr Colin J McMahon
  New ways of avoiding cardiac surgery in children Dr Kevin P Walsh

Volume 8
Issue 2,Summer 2005
  Cardiovascular prevention in an older adult population Dr Eamon Dolan, Dr Joe Duggan
  Meeting Report: Targeting two sources of cholesterol
  Transient ischaemic attack - a clinical opportunity to prevent stroke Dr Eamon Dolan, Dr Patricia McCormack
  Report Review: Salt and Health: Review of the Scientific Evidence adn Recommendations for Public Policy in Ireland

Volume 8
Issue 1,Spring 2005
  Cardiac applications of Multislice Computed Tomography (1.01 Mb) 
Dr F Khosa, Dr HL Khosa, Dr N Ramesh, Dr F Regan
  Childhood obesity, Epidemiology, Risk Factors and Consequences (1.16 Mb) Dr Imdad Ali
  Implementation of Secondary Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease in Primary Care (103.28 Kb) Ms Michelle Ward

Volume 7
Issue 4,Winter 2004 
  Wine Polyphenols & hearthealth.pdf (40.71 Kb) Dr Karen Cooper
  Childhood obesity - rising trends worldwide.pdf (29.79 Kb)  Dr Imdad Ali
  Case Study: alarming asystole.pdf (72.59 Kb) Dr Ammar Abd Elrahman, Dr Michael O'Reilly, Brendan Rogers
   Promoting Heart Health  - Conclusions from Irelands Presidency of the EU.pdf (26.75 Kb)
Dr Emer Shelley

Issue 3,Autumn 2004 
  sickleave in Coronary Heart Disease: a review of the literature pdf (508.84 Kb). Professor Joep Perk
  Changes in the delivery of and adherence to secondary prevention in coronary heart disease pdf (474.02 Kb). Professor Koon K Teo
  The obesity epidemic in the US: impact upon coronary heart disease pdf (496.16 Kb). Dr Philip A Ades

Issue 2,Summer 2004
  Depression, exercise and Coronary Heart Disease (114.98 Kb) Heather S Lett & James A Blumenthal
  Promoting heart health: AEuropean consensus(597.52 Kb) Dr Emer Shelley
  Depression and recovery from cardiac events.(104.99 Kb) Prof Roy C Ziegelstein
  Selected abstracts from thr 8th World Congress of Cardiac rehabilitation and Secondary  Prevention (177.30 Kb)
  EuroAction: A European Society of Cardiology Demonstration Project in Preventative Cardiology (141.33 Kb) Prof David A Wood

Issue 1,Spring 2004 
  Antioxidants Dr Victoria Jewell 
  Brain Natriuretic Peptide and HeartFailure(118.60 Kb). Dr SKP Karuppiah & Dr Brian Maurer 
  Obesity and Physical Activity (504.11 Kb)Celine Murrin 
  Novel Cardiovascular Risk Factors(166.60 Kb) Dr Guilherme HM Oliveira & Dr John A Farmer

Volume 6
Issue 1,Spring 2003 
  Update on choices in heart valve replacement (227.40 Kb)Mr Michael Tolan 
  Surgery for morbid obesity (259.27 Kb) Mr Justin Geoghegan 
  Biventricular pacing and congestive heart failure:the wave of the future(732.60 Kb) Dr Richard Sheahan 
  Obesity (303.93 Kb). Dr Maura Whelehan & Dr Donal O'Shea

Issue 2, Summer 2003 
  Infective endocarditis (105.09 Kb) Dr Cillian De Gascun & Dr Lynda Fenelon 
  Smoking Cessation (170.67 Kb)Norma Cronin 
  Practical Issues in the management of heart failure:diuretic therapy(544.20 Kb)Dr Ken McDonald & Dr Mark Ledwidge 
  Improvements in health standards reported in national survey(289.24 Kb)

Issue 3, Autumn 2003 
  Syncope - a summary of the recommendations of the task force on syncope, european society of cardiology(128.64 Kb) Dr Tora Leong & Prof Ian M Graham 
  Cardiac imaging with computerised tomography:state of the art (1.27 Mb)Dr Kiran R Nandalur & Dr Christopher M Kramer 
  Pharmacotherapy in heart failure. Beta Blockade:For Whom, when and how?(417.89 Kb)Dr Ken McDonald & Dr Mark Ledwidge

Issue 4, Winter 2003 
  Clinical applications of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging(445.88 Kb) Dr Szilard Voros & Prof Christopher m Kramer 
  Physical activity and young people (358.19 Kb) Maureen Mulvihill 
  Fish Oils and cardiovascular health (381.21 Kb)Dr Helen M Roche, Fiona Moloney & Anne Mullen 
  Cardiovascular initiative during the Irish Presidency of the European Union(234.06 Kb)Dr Emer Shelley & Mr Brian Brogan 
  The out-of-hospital management of atrial fibrillation (849.59 Kb) Dr Anil Mane

Volume 5
Issue 1,Spring 2002 
  Shared Care: an important goal in the development ofoptimal heart failure(68.90 Kb) Dr Ken McDonald & Dr Mark Ledwidge 
  Drug-Eluting Stents, an end to restenosis as we know it?(156.82 Kb) Dr Dierdre Ward & Dr Pat O'Callaghan 
  Treatment of Hyperlipidaemia in pre-menopausal women(137.90 Kb) Dr Vincent Maher 
  The Val-HeFT study: what does it tell us(105.11 Kb) Dr Ken McDonald

Volume 4
Issue 1, Spring 2001 
  Travellers Thrombosis (53.05 Kb) Dr Helen Enright 
  Transoesphageal echocardiography, why and when? (212.16 Kb)Dr David Moore & Dr Khan Bahadur 
  Stable angina the not so phantom menace (55.77 Kb)Stable angina the not so phantom menace, Dr Caroline Daly 
  Dietary fat, blood cholesterol and CHD prevention (72.80 Kb) Dr Robert Clarke

Issue 2, Summer 2001 
  Coronary artery bypass surgery in Ireland - gender differences(43.69 Kb)Ms Eilis McGovern 
  Syncope: an update (154.97 Kb)Dr Joseph Galvin 
  Large patent foramen ovale, an underestimated cause of stroke (187.29 Kb) Dr Kevin P Walsh
  Coronary artery stenoses (880.59 Kb) Dr Vincent Maher

Issue 3, Autumn 2001 
  Cardiac murmurs and their hidden messages(189.17 Kb) Dr David P Moore 
  How safe are the calcium antagonists? (59.64 Kb)How safe are the calcium antagonists? Dr Henry Purcell 
  Considerations in BP management(295.20 Kb)Dr Vincent Maher, Michelle Carey & Catherine Markham.

Volume 3
Issue 1, Spring 2000 
  Arrythmia management update. Part 1. Palpitations: to refer or reassure (85.35 Kb)management Dr Edward Keelan 
  Protecting your patient's heart (38.87 Kb)Prof Ian Graham 
  Beating Heart Surgery(125.06 Kb) Mr Michael Tolan

Issue 2, Summer 2000 
  The APAPT centre at Beaumont Hospital (48.74 Kb) Prof Eoin O'Brien 
  Supraventricular tachycardia (114.98 Kb) Dr Edward Keelan 
  Mitral Valve Repair (53.06 Kb) Dr Michael Tolan 
  Aortic dissection (76.03 Kb)Dr Caroline Daly & Dr David Mulcahy

Issue 3, Autumn 2000 
  Preventing Heart Attacks with Vit E - evidence based or wishful thinking (58.70 Kb) Dr Ray Meleady 
  Ventricular arrhythmias (147.10 Kb) Dr Edward Keelan 
  Risk Stratification in Cardiac surgery (85.15 Kb) Mr Michael Tolan 
  Thoracic aortic aneurysms (80.50 Kb) Dr Caroline Daly, Dr David Mulcahy

Issue 4, Winter 2000 
  Aspirin: reinventing itself (41.11 Kb) Prof Desmond Fitzgerald 
  Things are not always what they seem (99.73 Kb) Dr Ken McDonald 
  Antiarrhythmic drug safety/proarrhythmia: five cautionary tales(437.75 Kb) Dr Edward Keelan 
  Update on Homocysteine (36.25 Kb)Update on Homocysteine, Dr Pat O'Callaghan, Prof Ian Graham 
  Beating heart coronary artery bypass surgery: less invasive coronary artery surgery (175.70 Kb)Mr Vincent Young

Volume 2
Issue 1, Spring 1999 
  Coronary Artery bypass graft surgery; principles and choice of conduit (104.47 Kb) Mr Aonghus O'Donnell 
  Homocysteinaemia, vascular disease and optimal folate status (42.44 Kb) Dr Helene McNulty 
  Holes in the Heart - a basic guide (48.32 Kb) Dr Paul Oslizlok 
  Developing Stroke Services in Ireland (52.90 Kb) Dr Desmond O'Neill

Issue 2, Summer 1999 
  Optimal Management post myocardial infarction (62.16 Kb) Dr John Cosgove 
  Simple Pacing (68.15 Kb) Dr Edward Keelan 
  Heart Failure: the ignored cardiovascular epidemic (82.73 Kb) Dr Ken McDonald 
  Viagra and cardiology (42.40 Kb) Dr David Mulcahy

Issue 3, Autumn 1999 
  All you want to know about coronary arteries and angiography (146.28 Kb) Dr Peter Kearney 
  More on pacemakers (104.07 Kb)Dr Edward Keelan 
  Heart Failure: the future (46.06 Kb) Dr Ken McDonald 
  Enhanced external counterpulsation (57.04 Kb) Dierdre Dodd R.G.N. H. Dip 
  Chemoprophylaxis for the prevention of infective endocarditis: what is the current status? (90.09 Kb) Dr Om Murphy

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